A place to gather for nearly 80 years

A locale that has served downtown Raleigh since 1942, Seaboard Station is a welcoming and inspiring place for all.

About Seaboard Station

Perfectly positioned in downtown Raleigh, Seaboard Station sits between the historic Seaboard Railroad Station and William Peace University.

Over the decades, this vibrant and historic landmark has been a central location for gathering and connection. Celebrating the uniqueness and authenticity that makes Raleigh great, the future Seaboard Station will continue to be a destination that brings people together to live, shop, dine and explore.

Now under construction, the first phase will integrate new residential, additional retail and more open spaces for gathering and activity, bringing together Raleigh residents and visitors who seek a lifestyle rooted in connection.

Hoffman & Associates is excited to honor the legacy of this historic location with a design that will contribute to this vibrant community, making it a destination for downtown Raleigh, surrounding neighborhoods and the region. We look forward to creating an inclusive, community-focused development that delivers value for Raleigh and brings people together to live, shop, dine, work, explore and connect.

John Florian, Executive Vice President of Development for Hoffman & Associates

Getting Here

Seaboard Station is located just north of downtown Raleigh. A central hub, Seaboard Station is easily accessible from Glenwood South, Mordecai, Oakwood and the Capital district neighborhoods and is adjacent to William Peace University.

Convenient pedestrian pathways, bicycle networks and regional public transit strengthen connectivity between this hub and the Raleigh Metro area.

Hoffman, Innovating Urban Life

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